OLWP journeys to bring your loved ones out into the ocean to catch a symbolic last wave. Our boards are beacons of hope, etched with their names, memorializing them in the place they loved. Join us!

Our Mission

Our mission is simply to bring the healing power of the ocean to help grieving families and individuals coping with loss or experiencing hardship.

Our Story

After experiencing the devastating loss of his father and best friend, Dan Fischer turned to surfing to heal through the transformative power of the ocean. 

After one faithful salt water sessions on January 4, 2022, he decided to throw out an open invitation on social media to others who may be struggling with loss. He invited them to share the stories and names of a loved ones who they'd lost and promised to etch them onto his board, as a way to forever memorialize them in the place they so deeply loved. 

That inaugural board has now become a beacon of hope and that turned a simple idea into a global movement. There have now been three boards released and a fourth is in production.

Read more about the story here: 

How to submit your loved one

Please Read Before Submitting:

You will be submitting your loved one's name for Board #5 that will most likely be an internationally released board.

As there are thousands trying to submit their loved ones, you must limit your submission to a max of two individuals to allow everyone an opportunity to participate. Choose those who had a deep connection to the ocean. 

1) FIRST and LAST name ONLY or simply a nickname they went by. This will make it easier to fit all the loved ones and give everyone a chance to be a part of the project.

2) A brief story about them if you choose but not necessary. It's always nice to hear the part of the world you are submitting from. 

3) Send to 

Note: I read every submission and respond personally so it may take just a moment to get back to you but I promise I will.

Help Out - Contribute

We always welcome the help to grow the project. Please send us an e-mail if you feel you have some expertise to offer.

Financial contributions are NOT necessary to put your loved ones on your board. However, many reached out wanting to support the the project in their loved one's honor and so if that is helpful and healing to you, below are two ways you can contribute.

GoFundMe Page: OneLastWaveProject

Paypal Account:

Much love, Dan

Contact us

The best way to contact us is via the email address below or DM one of our social channels:

Address: Newport, RI, USA